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McIntosh Training Academy expands with Parts Traineeship

July 21, 2023 4:42 pm

The McIntosh Training Academy expanded its offering in 2023 by launching a Parts Traineeship, after identifying a gap in the industry for specialised agricultural parts training courses.

Parts Traineeships are now available through McIntosh & Son, where students graduate with a Certificate III in Automotive Sales (AUR31020), and their learning is further amplified by a Milestone program.

The customised program allows students direct access to a machinery dealership’s parts department, with unique experiences like training with product specialists and having a customer mentors – where a student will partner with a farmer so they can better understand their operations and gain insight into their priorities and challenges to eventually be able to service/support them better.

8 students joined the traineeship in its first year this year, and with strong career prospects within our dealer network, we’re excited to see where it will take them.

We recently spoke to Paige Barry, one of these students, currently working at McIntosh & Son Wongan Hills to find out about her progress in the company and her career.

Tell us about the course you’re enrolled in and what you expect from your qualification.

I’m doing a certificate three in automotive sales and the McIntosh & Son milestone program – which is a bit more about how the parts department works at a dealership.

The Milestone program is about management and leadership, tailored around the agricultural industry, so I will be more qualified than a standard cert three student.

In the end (after four years), I’ll be ready to take on a Parts Interpreter role or be able to work towards becoming a Parts Manager– which is what I’d like to pursue.

What sort of work is involved in the classroom/assignments?

Our blocks are one week, and we have five blocks this year.

We do a bit of classroom work that involves a lot of class discussions, and then we do some practical classes where we go out to a farm together and learn about different machinery or precision farming technology.

We recently went out and got to drive a header and see how the guidance worked on screen, so that was good to learn!

Then we also do our work, health and safety which involved going out into the warehouse and identifying hazards.

How much is practical experience VS classroom time?

I’d say there is more classroom than hands-on, but most of that classroom is group discussion. I also work in the parts department at McIntosh & Son, so I learn a lot on the job.

What does a typical workday look like?


Most days our parts counter is pretty steady but some days where we have some spare timeI’ll go help in the warehouse because there is always plenty to do, like stocktake, putting parts away and getting organised for the next day.

All the farmers are nice, they’re very helpful to me if I don’t understand something as they know that I’m learning as well!

What are you enjoying about the course?

We have only had one block so far, but I enjoyed talking with the other parts trainees. Every branch we have found can be a little different as to how they run. It’s always good getting those little bits of information and different ideas from everyone.

What are some things that you’re finding challenging?

Nothing so far in the block training, but there are always new parts that I’m learning about, new bits on the machine that I’m trying to find.

What made you want to pursue a traineeship in parts?

I started last year (2022) in July, fresh and knew nothing about parts but it was always interesting to learn what kind of parts people needed each day and how they use them.

And then when McIntosh Training Academy introduced this traineeship, I heard they had plans for us to learn to measure bearings and seals as well as the mechanical and guidance side of things.

So, I gave it a go!

Was there anything in particular that drew you to work with McIntosh & Son?

My partner works here, and he has for a very long time. Tracy, my manager, would always see me down the street and she would say, “Oh, you should come work with us” or Aaron the Branch Manager would say, “We’d love to have you.”

It seemed like such a nice family environment that was very inviting, and I thought it would be great to work here, and it has.

Would you recommend the course/traineeship?

Yep definitely, anyone that’s wanting to get their foot in the door and is willing to learn should give it a shot.

You can find out more about courses available at the McIntosh Training Academy by heading to:

We are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic people to fill a range of roles within our dealerships. If you think you can add value to our team, head to our website for current opportunities, or contact for further information.

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